Miss Sara F.

Miss Oklahoma Job’s Daughter 2019/2020

See the OK Honor Bethel Page for a complete lineup of Elected and Appointed Officers for 2019/2020.

Our Mission

The mission of Oklahoma Job’s Daughters is to band girls together for spiritual and moral up building, to seek knowledge, to teach the love of God, love of Country, Respect for our Flag, love of Home and Family, and reverence for the Teachings of the Holy Scriptures.


The purpose of Oklahoma Job’s Daughters is to promote friendship among young women. It is a sisterhood that builds a foundation for its members to develop life-skills, personal growth and community service to become responsible leaders in today’s society while promoting a balanced lifestyle of family, church, school, and extra curricular activities while having fun during events.

Job’s Daughters broadens the horizons of young women by bringing them into contact with other young women in other states and provinces Australia, Brazil, Canada, Philippines, and the United States.

What is Job’s Daughters?

Membership is for young women between the ages of 10 and 20 throughout Oklahoma. While Job’s Daughters does not stress any specific religious belief, it does encourage a belief in God. Job’s Daughters is based on the Book of Job in the Bible and specifically Job 42:15 ”And in all the land were no women found so fair as the Daughters of Job.”

Girls who are not old enough (Age 10) to join, but want to join in the future, can join the Jobie to BEE program. This program is for those girls who want to pledge to become members and who want to participate in some of the events.

How Can You Join Job’s Daughters?

All of our members are related to a Majority Member of Job’s Daughters, A Master Mason, his wife, or widow. Job’s Daughters International also has a clause in its Constitution and Bylaws that allows a Master Mason to sponsor a young lady if the young lady does not have proper relationship and providing she has the signatures of a Majority Member of Job’s Daughters and a Master Mason. Membership includes relationship to Cousins, Step Dads and Moms, and adopted young women as long as it has the proper relationship as indicated above. If you are not sure of your relationship, let us assist you in locating it.

A member should attend two meetings per month. Members also have the opportunity to become leaders of their Bethel, be involved in community service projects, social events, and other Masonic Affiliated events; however, no member is asked to participate in events and meetings that interfere with family, church, and school events.

Visit a local Bethel (See Our Bethel Locator). Once it is decided where you want to join, complete a petition (application) for membership and turn it in to the Bethel (Meeting Place). The petition will be read at a meeting near the time you turn in your petition. After turning in your petition, a few of the girls in the Bethel are assigned to visit with you, answer any questions you have about Job’s Daughters.